The great thing about living somewhere else is that you can discover all sorts of things yourself. Last month a number of our guests had been to the Bambouseraie in Générargues, which is close to Anduze, and they all returned very enthusiastic. Time to take a look yourself because we want to be able to inform future guests well.

The Bambouseraie is a botanical garden specializing in bamboo. The garden is open daily and ask an entrance fee. When I write ‘garden’ I actually do the Bambouseraie too short because it is a large area, no less than 34 hectares in size that you can wander through. We thought we would only see bamboo, but that is certainly not the case. So contains the Bambouseraie a beautiful Japanese zen garden. We ourselves were in Japan two years ago and visited various zen gardens, this is not inferior. In addition, there are greenhouses full of beautiful flowers and a collection of bonsai trees.

Nevertheless, the core of the garden contains one of the oldest bamboo collections in Europe. The garden was founded by amateur botanist Eugène Mazel in 1856. He earned his fortune in the spice trade and he continued to work on his bamboo collection until he ran into financial problems in 1890.

Today the garden contains around 300 types of bamboo. There are also Asian shrubs and trees. We were lucky that we could now go at the end of April because many bushes were in bloom, some even seemed to be on fire, the colors were so bright. But this may happen throughout the year.

There is a lot to wander and see. A village from Laos has even been recreated. It goes without saying that the entire village is made of bamboo. They are perfect replicas, we know. Because a year before we went to Japan, we went to Laos and ate in the same kind of hut. For those who do not want to travel far, can see both a piece of Japan and Laos in the Bambouseraie plus the light that in a bamboo forest always has its own character.

Because the garden is so old, it also has a number of beautiful European trees. You rarely come across more impressive.