Most people go to the Dordogne, Provence or the Ardèche for a holiday in France. Nice areas. But you immediately end up in a stream of tourism. The nice thing about going to the Cévennes is that it is still unexplored. For many people the question will be whether it can compete with the well-known tourist areas, I try to answer that question in a few blogs.

I write the first blog for the gourmands among the readers. For many, an important reason to go to France is the food and wine. To be honest: for us it was an important reason to start a bed and breakfast here.

Let me start with the wine. The Cévennes and Languedoc together form the largest wine supplier in France. The areas do not have the prestige of a Burgundy or a Bordeaux, but that immediately makes it interesting. In many wine regions there are strict rules to, for example, make a Bordeaux a Bordeaux. Here in the Cévennes there are no strict rules. As a result, it is an attractive area for creative minds, for people who want to make their own wine off the beaten track. In our area, for example, there are various wineyards, including many organic, who are very ambitious to bring their wine to a higher level. For those who want to visit some, we have an interesting list.

We are also close to Pic Saint-Loup, a wine region that runs in an elongated stretch from Ganges to Montpellier and is named after the mountain of the same name that dominates the landscape everywhere. Stubborn wines of a high standard are also made there. Many wines from the region are served in the restaurants in our area. For those who want to taste organic and natural wines, we recommend restaurant Au Bon JaJa in Sauve and Le Saint-Bonheur in Saint Bauzille de Putois. There is a lot of knowledge about these wines here.

One of the reasons why we don’t do a table d’hôtes every day is because there are so many good restaurants in the area. The range is varied and ranges from a simple but good plat de jour to restaurants made for the gourmand. To name a few of our favorite restaurant. A few times a year we definitely go to Auberge de la Valestaliere. It is located nearby in the hills of the Cevennes. The lovely terrace has an amazing view. Just as the food is incredibly good. The food in L ’artysan in Quissac is of comparable quality.
Curious is Le Bossens in Sauve where you can eat delicious on a square under the platanes, again with a beautiful view. You don’t get it more picture postcard perfect. The lady who owns it has quite a theatrical presentation, but then you have something to tell about at home. In Sauve there is in summertime a weekly Sau’Vin, a food festival where you can taste at local wine producers and various food stalls serve delicious food.
For your reassurance. We have guests who have been with us for fourteen days and enjoyed every day a different restaurant.

You will find various other addresses on our site. In addition, we have many other gastronomic tips when you visit us. The specialty of the region is châtaigne, chestnut. Not strange, because when you drive through the Cevennes will pass vast forests full of chestnut trees. In addition, a remarkable amount of space has been reserved for rabbit on the supermarket shelves. In the restaurant you will also always find boar on the menu. Not surprising, because large numbers live in the forests.

If you do not want to go to a restaurant by car because you want to enjoy the wine. No problem, for a small fee we are happy to drive you to and from the restaurant.
Bon appetit!