As of 1 April, Les Trois Comtes has a new hostess and host. They are Wybrich and Gerard Tonen, born and bred in The Netherlands. They learnt the art of hostmanship in the theatre. Wybrich worked in the theatre for 25 years, first as a marketing manager, then as a programmer and for the past eight years as theatre director in Meppel. Gerard has worked no less than 40 years in the theatre and has followed much the same career path as Wybrich. Gerard was a theatre director in Leeuwarden and Apeldoorn. Besides that, they were both directors of Dutch theatre companies.

Wybrich’s hobby is cooking and she is specialised in French cuisine. And that is certainly discernible in the tables d’hôte they serve. Furthermore, Wybrich is a certified wine expert, and, above all, wine lover. She is therefore in her element at Les Trois Comtes. Besides being a theatre director, Gerard wrote children’s books. He has written a total of thirty children’s books. He is also a fanatic photographer.

Their most important goal at Les Trois Comtes is to provide guests with an unforgettable stay in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort. All the ingredients are present: a charming 300-year-old house, a wonderful city garden with a swimming pool and a majestic veranda. Add to that the surroundings with the most beautiful scenery and France’s most beautiful cities and you are more than guaranteed to have an unforgettable stay.

They are embarking on this new adventure because they have roamed France during holidays throughout their lives. They fell in love with the country on their first trip and in the course of the years a desire grew to live there. And it is no coincidence that they chose Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort. They consider the Cevennes to be one of the most beautiful regions in France.

Wybrich speaks fluent French and English. Gerard speaks fluent English and he currently has his head in the books so he will be able to say the same about French. Their dog, Dies, doesn’t speak any language, but understands them all. He loves people and knows never to be a bother to them.