Blog: looking forward to!


Last year we made the rigorous decision to give up our many years of careers in the theater and to start a chambres d’hôtes. We immediately admit that this was quite a risk. In the theater section we were like a fish in the water, a chambres d’hôtes was new to us.

Now that we’ve been running for a year, we know we couldn’t have made a better decision. Given the reactions of our guests and the reviews, we know that our guests have enjoyed Les Trois Comtes. And that is of course what it is all about in a chambres d’hôtes. But the great thing is that we enjoyed it ourselves. We think that the enormous pleasure we have in running Les Trois Comtes also benefits the guest.

To our surprise, Les Trois Comtes turned out to attract many international guests. We have welcomed guests from all continents and guests from no less than twelve different European countries. The guests came to celebrate holidays, or because there were weddings in the area, for study, for work, to be out for a long weekend, some, like a journalist who came from a war zone, came to do nothing at all, to rest. All this gave Les Trois Comtes a very special atmosphere that we had never experienced before.

We regularly held a table d’hôtes. The most diverse people joined the table, sometimes as many as four different languages ​​were spoken at the table. We were sometimes afraid that it would click with such a diverse company. But again and again, without exception, there was a surprising coziness.

Another surprising side effect is the beautiful surroundings. In advance we did not expect that you can easily fill weeks here with the most diverse trips, from culinary indulgence to nature and culture. You imagine yourself here in France from 30 years ago.

If you consider coming to Les Trois Comtes, it might be a good idea to introduce ourselves. Then you know who your hostess and host are.

Our names are Wybrich Tonen-Kaastra and Gerard Tonen. We are from the Netherlands and have worked in the theater for years. We were both directors of theaters and theater companies.

Wybrich has a hobby of cooking and specializes in French cuisine. You can definitely tell in the tables that we offer. In addition, Wybrich is a qualified wine connoisseur, but especially a wine lover. So she is completely at home in Les Trois Comtes.

In addition to being a theater director, Gerard was also a children’s book writer. In total he wrote thirty children’s books. Moreover, he is a fanatic photographer.

We are both fanatic readers and travelers. On the many journeys we made, we sometimes came across guesthouses and hotels that excelled in hospitality and atmosphere. Places like this gave our travels extra shine. It is our ambition to create the hospitality that we as travelers enjoyed so much.